How To Use Stripe in Unsupported Countries.

I am Mahesh Chapagain from Nepal. Today I will describe how I have verified Stripe from Nepal using virtual bank details of the USA for receiving payments from Stripe.
If you’re not the USA resident and don’t have a social security number, then banking and doing business in u.s. Dollars can make life pretty tricky sometimes. Maybe you’re selling online, but your country isn’t on the accepted list, or perhaps you have the same problem with payouts on Stripe. Today I will describe stepwise how I managed to get payments in U.s. Dollars using Stripe through Virtual bank details(Payoneer/Transferwise).

First of all, I would like to describe how to obtain Virtual Bank Details.


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I have registered with both Payoneer as well as Transferwise, and both verified within 30 minutes.
Note: Transferwise needs Driving/Passport. It doesn’t Support language written in other than English.

After getting Virtual Bank details, then
You will see START NOW
Click on Start Now
Then Create your Stripe account.
Fill all your Real Information excluding State, Country & zip in the Business address.
Upload your Government-issued documents to verify I used my Citizenship.
Note: Fill address of Virtual Bank in State & Country like below.
Change your Phone number to your home country and Verify

They will then review your account then verify it if it fulfils all their requirements for KYC; if not, they will ask to add your details.
Then you will get Live API keys


Then you will get Live API keys.

Mahesh Chapagain

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